Ki'Xoxolatl Chocolate from Mexico with red pepper and fine spices

ki'Xocolatl Dark Chocolate from Mexcio with red pepper and fine spices

I picked this bar up while in Mexico last week.  Made from Criollo beans sourced in Mexico by the bean to bar company ki'Xocolatl.

A beautiful blend of spices, chili, and pepper.  The cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg are heavy until the melt gets going, then the chili and pepper really develop and linger long after the finish.  The crunchy nibs have a very roasty, almost coffee flavor.

This bar is great for someone who loves peppery or spicy foods as well as those who love to taste the flavor notes of the inclusions change on the palate quickly and distinctly.  Chocolate flavors pair up well with the spices however since the spices are pretty strong it is difficult to focus on just the chocolate notes alone.

I wish I had bought at least 10 more while I was in Mexico!

Now go find fine chocolate, slow down, taste, and enjoy!



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