Favorite Palate Cleanser for Tasting Chocolate

  1. Filtered, room temperature water served in a glass.  My favorite palate cleanser for tasting chocolate.

    Soma Chocolate, Dancing In Your Head blend

    My favorite palate cleanser is filtered, room temperature water.  Always served in a glass container. 

    I've tried unsalted crackers, bread, corn tortillas without salt, and just about everything else you can think of. 

    If I forget to suck on the cracker and chew, the crackers get stuck in my teeth and leave a residual taste,  My chocolate tasting is delayed while I try to get the last bits of cracker out of my teeth. 

    Soft corn tortillas and soft flavorless bread are better.  I sometimes resort to one or the other but I'll still have my trusted favorite room temperature, filtered water close at hand. 

    Do you have a favorite?  What works best for you?


  2. Barbie

P.S.  I'm tasting Soma Chocolate "Dancing In Your Head"  bar this morning in honor of Friday.  
We should all dance in our heads on Friday.


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