Chocolate: Monotone or a Symphony?

Craft chocolate should sing to you.

Try this little experiment.  

First taste a piece of chocolate from a chocolate maker with a great reputation but make sure it is someone who mass produces chocolate without any bad ingredients.  

Then savor a piece of truly fine or craft chocolate made by a maker who you know takes the time to bring out every last note of flavor through their processing of a fine flavor bean.

What I hope you'll notice is that the chocolate that is mass produced is most likely going to be one dimensional in flavor.  Not necessarily a bad flavor, just flat or monotone. 

When you compare the mass produced chocolate side by side with the fine/craft chocolate you'll notice that fine/craft chocolate has flavor notes that change as it melts on your tongue.  Some chocolate has more complex notes than others, but in fine chocolate the flavor should change and hopefully sing to your mouth.  Now that is the chocolate adventure I'm looking for!

Have you heard a chocolate sing to you lately?  I'd love to hear about it!


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