Chocolate Pairing with Portland Chocolate Mob at St Patricks O'Chocolate McWhiskey

What do you get when you pair creative chocolate makers, chocolate, and whiskey?

A seriously fun evening that you won't forget for a very long time.

Allow me to introduce the Portland Chocolate Mob.  A group of chocolate makers and chocolatiers who have a mission to share quality chocolate with the world.  This is your go to group for the next innovative chocolate event in the Portland area.

Here I am behind the bar with the Portland Chocolate Mob.  Lucky me!
Not only do they know how party, they also bring passionate chocolate making skills to the table.  We were lucky enough to experience it first hand at their St. Patrick's O'Chocolate McWhiskey event.

The evening was so well put together.  The venue that had a distinct speakeasy feel.  The hand crafted chocolates amazed us.  The people we met were creative and inspiring.  Details below...

Woodblock Chocolate Cold Smoked
Charley Wheelock of Woodblock Chocolate cold smoked his Trinidad chocolate just for the event. This smoked chocolate isn't available in his normal line of chocolate, just for special events like this one.

A slightly smoky finish and dark chocolate notes paired flawlessly with every whiskey and bourbon in attendance.  Now it seems that I don't want to sip bourbon without it.  Seriously, if you have an opportunity to taste this, don't turn it down, it will bring your pairing experience to a new level.

Pairing bourbon with Mana Chocolate.
Holly Hukill of Mana Chocolate was on hand to pour your choice of whiskey or bourbon and talk chocolate. Her work from Educaor, Dominican Republic, and Peru all at a precise 74% but showing off vastly different flavor profiles.  The Peru bar has distinct spicy cinnamon notes that paired amazingly well with Angel's Envy Rye Whiskey.

Pearl Chocolate Caramelia, I can't seem to get enough of these
If you're normally not a milk chocolate type of taster, get ready for a paradigm shift when you taste the Pearl Chocolate Caramelia made by Teresa Ulrich.  Something between the browned butter chocolate center and the creamy smooth texture is intoxicating. Paired with whiskey or alone, I could not get enough of these to satisfy my palette.

A spontaneous jib by chocolate makers Holly Hukill from Mana Chocolate and Charley Wheelock
  We will be watching closely for their next event.

My favorite pairings are in the video below...


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