Hangout Recap with Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate, these guys are fun.  Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor took a lunch break to to us in the back room of their operation.

They gave us a rundown of their holiday packages as well as some great holiday exclusive confections (not on the website - you have to have the secret ordering info), chocolate dipped bourbon soaked figs and more.

They talked about some of the new equipment that they'll be working with and how sugar impacts viscosity of their chocolate, and how the quality of their chocolate is getting better over time.  I have to agree, I am finishing one of their Dominican Republic bars tonight and I think each one I get tastes better.  This one has mellowed with time.  I'm sorry I don't have more of the bar to taste as it ages a bit more.

These guys are all about craftsmanship, quality. and a little fun too.  They are working their tails off to keep up with demand right now.  Spending more time at the shop than at home.  I'm not sure that they will sleep until Christmas.

They are offering holiday packages of their collections.  As usual their packaging is as beautiful outside as the bars are inside, gift ready, no need to wrap.

Photos courtesy of Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate.

Craft chocolate makes a great holiday gift.   Supporting craft chocolate makers now and through out the year keeps great quality chocolate in the marketplace.  Without artisan chocolate makers what would we be eating?  I shutter to even think about it.  I need to get back to finishing this Dominican Republic bar and start in on my Dick Taylor Madagascar and Fig bar.

Order by December 19 to receive your chocolate by Christmas.

Next hangout is tomorrow night.  Wednesday, December 6, 6:00pm with Aaron Barthel of Intrigue Chocolate.


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