Chocolate Hangout Schedule...So Far

Justin Taylor and Adam Dick from Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate 

We have a few committed chocolate makers and chocolatiers for the Holiday Chocolate Hangout series so far.

Here are the dates, times, and who we will be hanging out with so far.  We are working out details of scheduling with several more chocolate makers and chocolatiers.

Aaron Barthel from Intrigue Chocolate

Monday, December 2, 5:00pm Fruition Chocolate.

Tuesday, December 3, Noon, Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

Wednesday, December 4, 6:00pm, Intrigue Chocolate

As more chocolate makers commit we will update with new posts.  If you are a chocolate maker and want to get in on the fun please let me know asap so we can add you to the fun.

If you want to join us live during the hangout please let me know ahead of time so that I can add you to the invitation list.

Hope to see you online soon!


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