Woodblock Chocolate Salt and Nib

Woodblock Chocolate Salt and Nibs Bar.

Hello my chocolate friends,

I must apologize for recording in the car again, sometimes I only have enough time to record one quick video a day and find that I am in my car most of the time.

I'm rather enjoying Woodblock Chocolate, especially this bar.  I almost always delight at the crunch of a nibby bar but I am usually hesitant about salt.  This bar isn't too salty, just enough to add a bit of interest and not distracting to the flavor of the chocolate.

Woodblock Chocolate displayed proudly at SugarPill in Seattle.

Woodblock Chocolate 

Woodblock Chocolate with a side of drinking chocolate at Kakao in Seattle.  This is how I work best.

If you are going to be attending the NW Chocolate Festival on Sept 20-22nd in Seattle, WA please let me know.  I'd love to meet up for a few minutes and chat about your favorite chocolate or classes at the festival. 

Find and enjoy some fine chocolate today!



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