Chocolate Rendezvous on Sunday in Seattle

Join me on Sunday, March 10th, from 3:00-4:30 at Chocolopolis for a Finding Fine Chocolate Rendezvous.

mmm...taste fine chocolate, meet other people interested in fine chocolate, talk, explore, and learn about fine chocolate, savor some more chocolate, repeat. It is an adventure you don't want to miss.

What is a chocolate rendezvous?
It is a meet up, usually at a chocolate shop, where all of the participants purchase a fine chocolate bar to taste themselves and have the option to share with the other participants in exchange for a taste of their chocolate.

Curious? This is how it works:

At the meet up location take a few minutes to check out the selection. Perhaps a bar from Hawaii? Maybe a fruity bar from Madagascar, or something dark from Columbia? Something a bit spicy? Whether it be something you've tasted before or something new to explore, make sure you purchase a bar that tickle your fancy, and fit your mood for the evening.

Taste your chocolate, let it melt on your tongue until it is a silky smooth puddle of chocolate full of flavor. Are you tasting any particular flavors that you haven't tasted in chocolate before? What are others tasting? Go ahead and ask! Take notes if you would like.

Now you choose, do you keep the bar all to yourself or offer to share a piece of your bar with other participants in exchange for a taste of their bar?

The next Finding Fine Chocolate Rendezvous will be:

Sunday March 10th 3:00-4:30
Location: Chocolopolis 1527 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle.
Cost: You decide, just purchase a chocolate bar of your choice.

Planning to come? Need some help selecting a bar that will fit your palette? Just let me know and arrive a bit early and I would be glad to share what I know about the different origins and chocolate makers (it is much like choosing a wine, everyone likes something a bit different, we just need to find what you like) . At 3:00 I'll be giving a 5 minute tutorial on how to bring out the most flavor when tasting a fine chocolate bar.

PS Bring a palette cleanser to clear your palate between tastes. I prefer room temperature water and plain unsalted crackers.

Are you out of town?  Join us on a G+ Hangout from the Rendezvous.  Just make sure I'm in one of your circles and you let me know you want to receive the invitation.


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