Best Chocolate Gift for a Coffee or Mocha Lover

One of the gifts I'm giving this season:

The Firebird Chocolate Espresso Dark Chocoalte Bar is going to a friend who loves her mochas.

This bar has ground espresso beans mixed into the chocolate which give it a bit of texture.  It has a big punch of espresso flavor instantly when you bite into the chocolate.

This bar saved my Mom from a caffiene headache!  It had been a bit too long since she had a cup of coffee and I didn't have any coffee in the house so I gave her a bit of this bar.  Her headache was gone almost instantly.

Read the Firebird Chocolate story here.  Mike Smith, owner of Firebird Chocolate has a passion for charitable methods that provide long term, deeply imacting results.

Where to find Firebird Chocolate? 
To check for a store in your area or make your order direct to Firebird click to their website  here.

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