Donckers Specialty Chocolates from Marquette Michigan

When I had the chance to spend a few minutes on the phone with Jan Vear, owner of Donckers, she made it clear, it is the people that difference in their company.

I just love that attitude.

Even though Donckers has been around since 1896, Jan is new to the business. She and her chocolatier are working to bring new products to the market as well as constantly improving quality in every area.

While I haven't had a chance to visit their picturesque shop in Marquette Michigan (about 6 hours from Chicago is quite the trek from where I am in Seattle WA) I have tasted a couple of their products.

Salted Caramels in both dark and milk chocolate. Old fashioned vanilla flavor, reminded me of something home made that grandma would make.

Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Almond Bark
Big thick slabs of dark chocolate full of huge chunks of toasted almonds and a big punch salty punch. Chunky, nutty, and salty!

I'll be watching this company, and their people, as they grow their online sales.  They are shipping products from their small picturesque town to people all over the USA.

Someday, I will have a chance to visit their chocolate shop as well as their restaurant located above the chocolate shop. You should hear Jan talk about the creative sandwiches her team serves!  



  1. I love Donckers! What a great choice to post about :)

    (The owner's name is Jen however.)



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