Kallari Sacha Chocolate Bars Review

Hello My Chocolate Loving Friends,

I've decided to try something a bit new; video reviews.

Honestly, this one turned out way too long.  I'll make it shorter next time.

What I need from you is your uncensored opinions and feedback. 

Comment, post, call, mail...I want your input.  What do you want to see?

Let's rock the chocolate world in video!

Review cliff notes for Kallari Sacha bars:

70% Sisa's Secret:  Beautiful floral flavor.  Very light for a dark chocolate.  Perfect for someone who loves milk chocolate and is ready to venture a little towards the dark side.  They'll love it.

75% Roberto's Recipe:  Solid rich chocolate flavor.  I didn't detect too many side notes or undertones.

85% Diego's Decadence:  Bold and dark. Vanilla notes and a bit of fruit and floral too.  Nice tanniny (is that a word?) experience.  For the DARK chocolate lover.

Nina's Nuance 72% with all chili and wild cinnamon:  Nina starts out with cinnamon like red hots, then chocolate, then the chili hits.  A good chili kick without being too spicy.  Finishes with a nice blend of cacao and chili.

Kallari Sacha Chocolate can be found online (or in person if you are near Seattle) at:
1527 Queen Anne Ave N.
Seattle WA 98109
(206) 282-0776

For more about the Kallari story go to:


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