NY Times article. Brussels: The Chocolate Trail

Here is a great article about chocolate in Brussels that was in the NY Times yesterday.


The author talks about the new class of chocolatiers "... finding innovative ways to hold on to the country’s chocolate crown. They are breaking away from traditional pralines...and infusing ganaches with exotic flavors like wasabi or lemon verbena, and creating such imaginative pairings as blackcurrant and cardamom and raspberry and clove."

You don't have to go to Belgium to find the new and interesting inclusions and fine quality chocolate. I see it every day as I search for new chocolate right here in my own back yard.  Here are just a few examples:

Chocolopolis carries Christopher Elbow Chocolates (Banana Curry is just one of his many exotic creations, his raspberry is exquisite),  Kathryn Taylor Chocolates (the Hedgehogs are delicately flavored with perfect texture and cute to boot), as well as making their own.  My favorite Chocolopolis treat is the Fig filled with Star Anise Ganache...or is it the Dark Chocolate Salted Pear?  I'll  just have both.

Intrigue Chocolates makes over 100 flavors of truffles with flavors that range from St Basil, a favorite of mine, all the way to Tasmanian Pepperberry.

Do you have a favorite imaginative or exotic chocolate inclusion?  Is there a chocolate pairing that you'd like to find?  I'd love to hear about it comment below or contact me direct barbie (at) vanhorn dot com.


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