Taza Chocolate Sings Like Johnny Cash

87% Dark Bar
Crafted exclusively with cacao beans from Palos Blancos, Boliva.

If this bar could sing it would sound like Johnny Cash; deep, dark and a bit rustic.  The flavors are dark bass like tones. Very satisfying.  Taza's stone ground texture is the rustic, uncultured character.  

The 87%  bar is definately for serious dark chocolate afficianatos that are looking for a bit of advenure. 

PAIRING TIP: The 87%  Dark Bar pairs particuarly well with a wheat based bourbon.  Not a smooth aged bourbon but something with a bit of a rough reputation such as Rebel Yell.

Oh yeah, this is good.

Taza Chocolate recently blessed me a with a care package full of all of the chocolate pictured above. These people are not only generous and talented but also work within principles that support organic cacao farmers, sustainable agrucultural methods, fair and humane work practices, and purchase only high quality cacao beans.  Read more about their amazing company and practices here
This is the first post of a three part series which will highlight the entire new line up Taza sent.

I met some of the Taza crew recently.  See photos of  Taza guys at the NW Chocolate Festival  here.


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