Taza Chocolate Covered Nibs Trail Mix Recipe

67% Dark stone ground chocolate over nibs. Organic.

At first I taste sweet chocolate, then a definite fruity undertone, immediately followed by the pure chocolate nib flavor. The nib flavor lingers for quite some time. The crunch is addictive. Before the flavor leaves my mouth I am reaching for more.

I love these little guys. I often have a little tin of chocolate covered nibs hidden away in my purse for chocolate emergencies during the day.  No, I'm not addicted.

The fruity flavor I tasted in these nibs inspired me to make short and sweet recipe for trail mix which would also work well as a crunchy topping on a quick bread or even ice cream.

Chocolate Cherry Crunchy Mix

Taza 67% Chocolate Covered Nibs
Dried Pitted Tart Montmorency Cherries
Walnuts pieces, slightly toasted

Mix almost equal amounts of all of the above ingredients favoring the ones you find most tasty. 

Enjoy as a trail mix type of snack to tame your sweet tooth or as a topping on your favorite food...maybe even oatmeal...oooh yes, chocolate is a breakfast food!  For all of you perfectionists who are just about to blow a gasket over the measurements...remember that cooking can be an art form and not an exact science.  It is ok...really it is.  Just give it a try.

Taza Chocolate recently blessed me a with a care package full of all of the chocolate pictured above. These people are not only generous and talented but also work within principles that support organic cacao farmers, sustainable agricultural methods, fair and humane work practices, and purchase only high quality cacao beans. Read more about their amazing company and practices here.

This is the last post of a three part post which highlights the entire new line up Taza sent.

P.S.  I did top oatmeal with the Chocolate Cherry Crunchy Mix..the photo will be on the Finding Chocolate Facebook Fan Page...check it out.  Yum!


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