How to prepare for the NW Chocolate Festival

Hello my chocolate friends,

Are you planning on going to the NW Chocolate Festival?  Watch this video for some quick tips to make sure that you show up prepared and ready to enjoy and remember as much chocolate as possible!

The short version:

Bring water and crackers to cleanse your palette.  You'll be tasting a lot of chocolate!

Bring a notebook to record your favorite chocolates as well as notes from the presentations that you attend.  Check out the presentation schedule as soon as you get there to make sure you don't miss anything.

Bring some cash or credit cards - I forgot to mention this in the video. This is the place to stock your pantry for chocolate this winter.  Chocolate also makes great gifts so keep that in mind and save shipping costs by buying here.

A costume or a mask!  Don't forget the Chocolate Masquerade Ball on Saturday night.  NW Chocolate Festival organizers Brie and Kate shared some of their favorite memories from last years Chocolate Masquerade Ball, check out their video here.

My plan is to make recipes from as many of the fine chocolates from the NW Chocolate Festival as possible and post them here in future posts.  Make sure you stay tuned and subscribe for fine chocolate recipes!

I hope to see you at the NW Chocolate Festival!  Buy tickets to the festival or the ball here.




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