Amano Chocolate Factory Store and Ocumare Nibs Review

Amano Ocumare Nibs Review
Origin: Venezulea
Presentation: These nibs come beautifully packaged in a sealed 6 oz resealable bag in elegant black and gold.
Flavors/Notes: The Ocumare Nibs have a rich traditional chocolate flavor with a very small bit of smoke and perhaps some plum/raisin in the background.  Remember nibs have no sugar added so when tasting you'll get pure chocolate.
Texture: A perfect crisp crunch.

Suggestions: I eat them alone (saves the sugar calories). Try them in cookies, brownies, topping a cake, tossed with salads. Right now I am craving a scone with Ocumare nibs...perhaps a recipe is brewing.

About Amano
Amano continues to win one award after another and is one of the few American bean to bar chocolate companies.  Part of thier success has got to be the incredable attention to detail during each step of the chocolate making process which is complimented by a warm welcome any time you come into contact with them.  Amano creates a collection of bars ranging from deep and complex to bright and citrus. They even roast a wonderful variety of nibs..

While driving through Utah on vacation this summer I convinced my family that we needed to stop by the Amano Artisan Chocolate Factory Store. Although I wanted to see the factory in action, I was a week too early for one of their rare factory tours.  This video featuring Art Pollard, founder of Amano Artisan Chocolate gives a glimpse into the factory and why he started making chocolate.  It will have to satisfy my curiosity for now.

While at the factory store I had a chance to meet Nick and Christopher (pictured below) and I think that Clark Goble ran through the store at lightning speed. Their talented pastry chef, Rebecca Millican, also made a brief appearance.
My family and I tasted samples until we were full of fine chocoalte, nibs (absolutely amazing), brittle with nibs, brownies and cookies (chocolate chip dusted with fleur de sel...this is the way to dress up a cookie).  I stocked up on nibs and baking chocolate.  They even took care of me and sent me on my way with an ice pack so that my chocolate didn't melt before reaching our next destination.

One reason that I love small companies is that they really care about you and are always willing to help.  The day after we departed the Orem area I realized that I didn't buy enough chocolate while at the factory store. After searching the retaliers close to where we were vacationing I made one quick call to the Amano headquarters.  Clark answered the phone and with amazing speed directed me toward a close retalier who was happy to solve my dilema. 

Success!  I found more Amano and my vacation was back on track with sufficient amounts of fine chocolate.



  1. Visiting chocolatiers - especially the small scale variety - is one of the best parts of vacation. Looks wonderful!

  2. Thanks Victoria. I agree!! All vacations should include frequent stops at chocolate locations!


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