Four reasons Madécasse is on my list of favorites

  One. Chocolate bursting with cherry and berry flavors unique to cocoa beans from Madagascar. A recent tasting hosted at Chocolopolis gave me the opportunity meet one of the founders, Brett Beach, and to taste several bars made by Madecasse.

The 63% really surprised me and is probably the lowest percentage chocolate bar on my favorites list. Very nice slow melt with a creamy texture. Fruity but without acid, and no bitter here at all. Very well balanced with a velvet finish.

The 80% had a nice melt  but had a bit of texture to the bar and was not quite as smooth as the 63%. I found some coffee notes, a citrus punch that had a hint of acidity and a bit of bitter.

Two. I love the story behind this company. A couple of Peace Corps volunteers look for a way to help the people of a poor country that they have fallen in love with. They help the farmers learn techniques to make sure that their crops are top quality and partner with them for the equipment to get the job done well. Give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach him to fish, he can feed generations.

Three. If you really want to help a struggling country, export a finished product. Instead of exporting cocoa beans to make bars elsewhere they take the process a step further and complete the entire process locally. Not only are the beans grown there, bars are made there, packaging is printed there. The focus is on making a bigger impact on Madagascar and that is what they are doing.

Four. Interesting inclusions that highlight fruits and spices from Madagascar. Have you ever tasted tsiperifery pepper? It is just one of the three peppers in the Exotic Pepper bar. A really big pepper blast hits you just after the chocolate. Very unique. I like it.

Do you know what combava fruit is? The flavor is similar to kaffir lime and is combined with pink pepper for their 63% Pepper and Citrus bar. The pepper and citrus play on your tongue while the smooth chocolate melts. Pepper, then lemon grass and lime flavor, then back to pepper.

When I travel I love to taste the local flavors; now these are coming to me paired with fine chocolate. Watch Madécasse closely for exceptional quality bars with interesting exotic flavors that you won’t find anywhere else.

Find Madécasse, their story, and their products

Photos courtesy of Madecasse


  1. Did you get to try the sea salt and nibs bar? It's my favorite Madecasse, and I usually don't like nibs. Try it!

  2. I did try try the sea salt and nibs, wonderful. Just the perfect crunch!


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