Seattle Luxury Chocolate Salon Review

Sunday I attended the Seattle Luxury Chocolate Salon for the first time.  I arrived just a few minutes after opening and the room was already packed with lines of chocolate lovers crowding every table.  Vendors with chocolate and truffles samples were lined up against every wall plus in an island in the middle of the room.  I knew that there was chocolate in the room ripe for sampling but getting to it was a bit difficult for the first few minutes. 

Most people joined the slow moving lines circling the room and visiting and sampling each vendor in order.  I hate waiting in lines, don't you?  I waited for a few minutes then decided to skip around the room to visit the chocolatiers with the smallest lines.  I'm so impatient.

I sampled, and being the chocolate nerd that I am, I wrote notes on each and every sample that I bit into.  I have pages and pages of notes, far too much for one review, and far too many stories of people who are truly passionate about the chocolate and confections that they are creating for one blog post.

In the next few weeks I hope to bring those stories to you but for now you'll have to settle for an overview of my day at the "Salon".

My first impressions:
There were far more truffles and confections than I expeceted.  Although there were a few, I thought that we would see more artisan chocolatiers.  The quality ranged from drug store sweets to uber fine, world class, new, and exciting chocolate.  I brought crackers and water to make sure I could cleanse my palette between each taste.

Of the three lectures I caught most of two.  Art Pollard from Amano gave a fascinating account of what they go through to make their chocolate.  He answered questions from the crowd in such a relaxed and candid manner.  Refreshing.  Eagranie Yuh talked us through how to taste chocolate in a very fun and non-chocolate-snobbish way.

As the crowds thinned at different times during the day I was able to spend just a few minutes listening to the stories of the chocolate companies as well as some of the fans there.  Those are the moments that I liked the most.

Stay tuned...there is more to come soon.


  1. I was able to attend with Barbie at several of the tables and during one of the talks. It was very fun and I enjoyed a few of the tables. While almost of the chocolate was good, some stood out more than others.


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