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Aaron Barthel, chocolatier at Intrigue Chcolates Co. is so gracious and humble.  He allowed me to shoot video as he brewed some Jamaican Hot Cocoa and hot chocolate (yes there is a difference – watch the video for the scoop).

He handed out samples on First Thursday Art Walk, and talked with his customers. 

He hardly even mentioned that they placed at the 1st Annual Seattle Luxury Chocolate Salon in 2010.

This month he will make his 100th truffle flavor

Aaron, aka the mad scientist of chocolate, makes all natural truffles, mostly with botanical flavors, some with liquor, and others with stout.  So soft, creamy, fresh, and such interesting flavors!

Aaron also serves up in Hot Cocoa in five flavors.  I love the Jamacian Hot Cocoa he brewed while we were taping.  Wow, just the perfect kick!

This project has pointed out to me just how far I have to go and how much there is to learn about shooting, editing, and audio.  I guess we all start somewhere.  I’m at the beginning of this journey, all goofy and awkward. 

Now I need your help.  Really, I do. 

I made two videos and I want you to vote for your favorite.

You can vote by commenting here.  Your vote and comments will give me direction for future chocolate video posts and enlighten me.

Yes, enlightenment would be good right now.

Will you help me?  Pretty please, with chocolate on top?

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  1. The Hot chocolate video was interesting with examples of Aaron's delightful personality, his love of his craft and little tidbits of how to make a better cup of hot chocolate. I could almost smell that chocolate as it "bloomed". The volume of the video was too low so I missed some of the comments the first time around. I also liked seeing him in action in his new kitchen. Sandy Brennecke

  2. Who doesn't love chocolate!? I loved the video, but had trouble hearing some of the comments as the volume was too low. In any event...apparently there is an "art" to making good chocolate, and Aaron is an artist...
    Mary Beth

  3. Mary Beth, Thank you for your comment. So sorry about the audio. I am still learning about video. In the process of crawl, walk, run I am barely at the scoot and crawl stage.


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