Sipping Dreams Drinking Chocolate

A charming couple, Tom and Clover of Sipping Dreams, invited me to come taste their super smooth dark drinking chocolate at a recent tasting at Whole Foods in Seattle WA.

This drinking chocolate comes in the form of a bar that you melt yourself in a pan of milk with just a bit of water, then after the chocolate bar is melted, boil for a few seconds.  Clover tells me that it is the few seconds of boiling that makes this drinking chocolate so thick and silky.

My impressions:  Thick, smooth, and dark.  Sweet enough to serve as an elegant yet easy dessert but not so sweet that I would pass it up for breakfast.  Very nice.

Each bar makes four, 3-ounce servings which sounds perfect for serving in little espresso cups.  It can also be served cold (oh yes, I will be trying that when warmer weather hits our area) and kept in the refrigerator for as long as the milk will stay fresh.  

I always love a story of a local boy and his sweetheart that involves chocolate.  
You can buy Sipping Dreams, find a local retailer, or read their story at:

Thank you to Tom and Clover for the invitation and introduction to Sipping Dreams. 


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