Sipping Chocolate at SugarBuzz Candy Botique

SugarBuzz original recipe sipping chocolate.

Chocolatier:  While on a ski vacation I happened to run across SugarBuzz, a swank candy boutique only open two years now owned by the mother daughter team Jennifer and Leslie Butler

Although they serve up many different types of chocolate, as well as other sugary sweets, the treat that put them on the chocolate map for me was their own recipe for sipping chocolate. 

Ë    Tastes: The SugarBuzz original recipe is simple and sweet.  It is made with a dark cocoa powder, vanilla, and simple syrup.  The cocoa powder flavor shines through yet you can still taste the distinct almost caramel sweet flavor of simple syrup.  Since Jenifer and Leslie serve one cup at a time and add their own simple syrup you can order it to suit your sweet tooth.

Ë    Texture:  The best surprise was that all of the cocoa powder was completely dissolved so the mouthfeel was smooth and fluid, no powdery texture. I  specifically had mine made with water instead of milk which would have made it a thicker drink.

Where to find:  You’ll find SugarBuzz in a darling blue cottage with white trim and giant lollipops in the front yard located in ski destination Park City, Utah, also home of the Sundance Film Festival. 

651 Park Avenue
Park City, UT 84060


  1. This shop reminds me of that cute town in Washington Port Gamble. I wonder if there is a chocolate shop there. Looks like fun


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