Ah Cacao in Playa del Carmen Mexico

Sometimes when you are not even expecting it wonderful things just find you.

The week of Christmas my family and I were in Playa del Carmen Mexico.  Before embarking on this trip I had done my research about chocolate in the area and couldn’t wait to find an Ah Cacao shop.  They advertise real chocolate made in Mexico from Criollo cacao direct from its birthplace: the Mayanlands of Mexico (www.ahcacao.com).  Sounds just like something I’d like to find. 

Well, we were walking through town one day and there it was, the Ah Cacao Café, and just in time for breakfast.  Who can resist chocolate for breakfast?  NOT ME!  We feasted on brownies, chocolate croissants, samples of their 72% chocolate, and fresh squeezed orange juice, a breakfast of chocolate champions! 

My lucky day…the founder, Monica Tello, was in so I caught a few moments of her talking about how Montezuma liked his up to 40 cups each day of drinking chocolate…foamy. 

Souvenirs are fun on any vacation.  I came home with Mexican drinking chocolate and a beautiful Molinillo to whisk my drinking chocolate with.  If you are ever in Playa del Carmen or the Cancun area look for Ah Cacao and treat yourself to fine artisan Mexican chocolate.


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