Stone Ground Chocolate?

On Tuesday evening I attended a Taza tasting event at Chocolopolis  ( ) on Queen Anne.

Taza is stone ground chocolate…stone ground you ask?  Read all about theTaza story featuring their organic, stone ground, non conched chocolate discs and bars here…

How is stone ground different?  Check my video of Brooke talking about Taza at the tasting event. 

My impression of Taza:

The mouth feel or texture is the first thing that you notice.  Not smooth like most candy.  More like a food that you can feel the miniscule pieces of cacao nibs in your mouth.  I enjoy the little crunchy bits.  

Taste.  The taste of cacao, not sweet chocolate candy but real cacao flavor is the next noticeable note.  We tasted almost everything that Taza makes.  The additions of almonds and salt, or cinnamon, or even Guajillo chili are all pure flavors that accent the rustic texture and flavor.  

I went home with a Guajillo Chili disc made for eating or making hot chocolate.  Check out the directions for authentic Mexican hot chocolate from Taza here…

Spicy yummy chili hot chocolate...Mexican style...brewing in my very own kitchen.  I can hardly wait!  Ole!


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