I found another passion

When I start talking about chocolate to my friends and family they all say the same thing, “You’ve found your passion”. 

I get so excited sharing the stories of the farmers who are now not just growing the cacao but also now making chocolate bars and for the first time and in learning that process they are providing things we think of as essential, like education, for their families. 

I love reading about the different varieties, the process of fermenting and roasting the beans. 

I love exploring the different chocolate from different regions, comparing the flavors and notes, the creamy and smooth or sometimes crystallized and crunchy mouth feel. 

I love the artisan chocolate makers who are risking it all to make a unique experience for others, learning about the industries that they have left behind and cheering them on as they form a brand and grow. 

I love the people who have started chocolate shops where I can browse and taste chocolate bars from around the globe.   

I love cooking, baking, sipping, or even just the scent of it. 

Yes, I have found another passion.   Mt first passion is my family and I do love them for so many reasons, but especially for putting up with me and my other passion, chocolate.


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